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ClimaCheck partners with Canadian Distributor Renteknik Group

ClimaCheck has signed a Distributor Agreement with Renteknik Group in Canada, for the sale and distribution of ClimaCheck’s award winning “ClimaCheck Performance Analyser”. As a world leader of energy optimization solutions for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems, ClimaCheck offers fixed and portable equipment for measurement and performance analysis, temporary inspections, early warning monitoring and energy data reporting. With this new collaboration, ClimaCheck opens up a new market for its unique analysis tools.

The cooperation between ClimaCheck and Renteknik Group will begin immediately. Together they will be presenting ClimaCheck’s solution for the North American market at CMX CIPEX Fair in Toronto on 22 – 24 March 2012. The two companies are highly complementary. ClimaCheck’s proven solutions for improving energy efficiency in cooling air-conditioners and heat pumps, andRenteknik’s long experience and extensive network within the HVAC industry, will enable a good introduction to the North American market. Renteknik hasextensive experience in developing markets for energy-related innovations.

”The cooperation with ClimaCheck is entirely consistent with our own business. Renteknik is committed to solving energy-related problems facing populations globally and have a lot of experience with cutting edge technologies. We see great potential for the ClimaCheck Performance Analyser in the North American market”, says Darren Cooper, President of Renteknik Group.

ClimaCheck Performance Analyser is used for documentation of performance in services, energy optimization and troubleshooting. The solution analyses collected data and document performance, which immediately gives a complete picture of how the system works and whatadjustments can be done to increase energy efficiency. Experience shows that on most systems, users can take actions that reduce energy consumption by 10-40%, which is favourable for both their wallet and the environment.

”With the cooperation of our Canadian Partner Renteknik Group, we open up a whole new market for our unique analysis tools. The cooperation with Renteknik Group increases our ability to market ClimaCheck Performance Analyser further and we look with great confidence to the future”, says Klas Berglof, founder and CEO, ClimaCheck Sweden AB.

Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie bitte

Klas Berglof
Founder and CEO, ClimaCheck Sweden AB
Phone: +46 (0)70 594 95 52
E-Mail: [Email protected]

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