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StuvEx achieves ATEX Certification for Safe Ground road tanker earthing system

StuvEx achieves ATEX Certification for the Safe Ground road tanker earthing system

The explosive nature of powdered products is well known and well documented. However, one risk that is often overlooked is static electricity build-up in road tankers. StuvEx, who have an excellent, world-wide reputation for their explosion protection systems, has achieved ATEX certification for Safe Ground, a brand new capacitive tanker earthing system.

Safe Ground is simple to install and use and doesn’t require setting-up or calibration. It is delivered as a kit consisting of a control unit and relevant inter-lock cables and clamps. StuvEx engineers set out to make the system as simple as possible. The monitor has an easy to read visual indicator – a green light indicates that the tanker is earthed properly; while red warns that it isn’t. A relay contact is provided to prevent the conveying process from operating without the truck being correctly earthed.

In the past, capacitive earthing systems have had problems operating correctly in salt covered snow and ice. Safe Ground can over- ride the capacitive earth monitoring with a bypass switch.
There are two versions of Safe Ground available; IP 65 (Zone 22) and EX (Zones 1/2/ 21 & 22) There are also various extras available to provide additional security including a valve fitted to the silo inlet pipe which is electronically linked to Safe Ground. The valve will not be activated without a green light.

For more information on Safe Ground our website is www.stuvex.com or Email [Email protected] or telephone on 01932 571303.

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