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Gas Leak Detection Simulation Tool

Gas leak simulation tool for ultrasonic gas detection

The world’s first gas leak simulation tool for Ultraschall- gas detection has been developed. The new Simulator can be accessed in a trial version on-line. The Simulator makes it possible to experience why ultrasonic gas leak detectors are widely used for quick gas leak detection in challenging conditions found in most outdoor oil and gas installations.

The Simulator demonstrates the major advantages of implementing ultrasonic detectors for high-pressure gas leaks. The system responds to the distinctive ultrasound created by the leak. The detectors pick up gas leaks at the speed of sound without having to wait for the gas to accumulate and physically enter a point sensor head (conventional point detector) or within a narrow beam (open path gas detector). The acoustic detection method is thereby unaffected by unknown factors such as wind conditions, gas dilution, and leak direction.

This company is a world leader in ultrasonic gas leak detectors and have more than twelve years experience developing and perfecting ultrasonic gas leak detectors for instant gas leak detection and full failsafe operation. Local representation is available throughout the world.

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